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a long time since posting last [22 Oct 2014|03:51pm]
[ mood | busy ]

It's been several years. What has happened?
I completed my doctorate. I am now Dr. Isom.
I became a grandmother.

I'd say those are the big things. We moved to Cleveland Hts. and then back to South Euclid. Mikkayla moved to AR and then recently to OK with her husband and baby. Chris is buying a house in South Euclid. I am working for a community college in Maryland, and it's a telecommute. We are down to 2 dogs: Radar and Lewis died. Scrappy is deaf and has arthritis. We have 5 cats: Mr. Peabody and Spazz have been joined by Stanley, Raven and Crow.

We're going to New Orleans, Jamaica and Mexico at the end of November. We're getting the baby, Lila, for a couple days between Xmas and the new year.

That's all I can think of!

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This year [16 Jan 2010|12:14pm]
Lots has happened this year. My mom died in June but we are still in Cleveland. I'm in my last semester of course work for the Ed. D. and so at least I am continuing with that. It has just been sort of a weird year. So, yeah.
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Lebron [16 Jan 2010|12:12pm]
The Cavs play tonight. Yay!

Well, another year has passed. Hello, LJ!
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Phones [08 Jan 2009|11:08pm]
[ mood | good ]

I love my Blackberry curve. My daughter has a LG Vu and texts on it constantly- sometimes she even talks on it and an iPod touch that gets wi-fi so it has email and she watches youtube all the time on it. I have compared it to the iPhone and it does just about all the same things except you cannot talk on it. It looks the same, too. My Blackberry has an iPhone theme installed so it looks like a short, wide iPhone. My husband says he is getting an iPhone next week.

We have no land line but my mom lives in the same house and she has one that she uses for local, daytime calls mostly. She also has a celly on our AT&T plan so she can talk long distance for just about nothing because cell to cell is free as are evenings and weekends. Her cell is a red LG Shine. It is a hand-me-down from my daughter who had it for 3 months before she upgraded to the Vu.

I remember growing up we had a phone. It had a LONG ass cord from the phone to the receiver and an even longer one from the phone to the wall. By the time we switched out that cord a dozen times, we could take that phone almost anywhere--- in the house. Then the cordless phones came out at some point and they were as big as lawn chairs LOL. You could sit on the porch or walk in the yard and still get reception most of the time. Then the bag phones for the car and the first cell phones... those were expensive to use, like a dollar a minute or something. I finally had one with Alltel service in 1995, I think it was. Analog. Ugly, heavy, big by today's standards... I thought it was so cool because I could *almost* fit it in my pocket and so I did shove it in there.

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The last weekend [03 Jan 2009|02:14pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Well, it's my last weekend off for winter break so back to the salt mines Monday. I hope this year at work is at least as good as last year and hopefully better. Starting out with the cruise vacation just 2 weeks away was a great idea. I have some ideas for changing up my position at work so hopefully I'll have a chance to get those down on paper and hit my boss with it this week. I need to keep it fresh and interesting or I'll never make it through the year.

The treadmill is set up and we have all used it at least once since 9 pm yesterday, even Doug used it today for 20 minutes. His blood pressure has been rather high and I am trying to get him off the fatty foods and into some aerobic walking. So far, so good. He seems better this week. His weight is reasonable, though. He seems really stressed. I think better diet and more exercise will help.

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Real housewives [01 Jan 2009|11:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm not sure why but we're watching Real Housewives of Orange County. Then we're going to watch American Splendour which I got from netflix. We watched Wild at Heart earlier tonight which was really good. I love David Lynch. There were a lot of actors from Twin Peaks in it.

Classes start again in about 2 weeks and we leave for Miami a few days later. I plan to read all my text books while I'm on the cruise. A lady went missing on a Norwegian ship last week and today a worker on a Carnival ship fell overboard and also was not found. I'm not worried about that, though. I'm just thinking about checking out Miami restaurants, using the 24-hr gym on the ship and getting a massage in the ship spa. And lots of hot tubbing.

When we get back it will be close to my birthday. I'm thinking about gettig my hair done and making that my present to myself but I'm not sure what to do with it. I like the side part and I like the long bangs. Maybe I'll get extensions again but I hate long hair on me. Maybe some extensions just for curl and bulk, I dunno. Maybe a different color. Maybe really dark brown.

I have bronchitis right now so I am extending my winter leave to MOnday instead of going back to work tomorrow. We're been closed since Dec. 24. I went to the CVS Minute Clinic and they checked me out and gave me antibiotics. My blood pressure was 107/67 and heart rate was 72. They asked me if I exercise a lot, which I do--- tons of cardio. My new treadmill and Bowflex Ultimate II will be here tomorrow. I am pretty excited about that so that I can do more strength training. The Bowflex needs a workout space of 9.5 x 6.5 ft so I had to clear out 1/2 of the TV/puzzle/game room for that. It is arriving in about 10 boxes becaue it is about 500 lbs I think.

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New Year [01 Jan 2009|01:06am]
Happy 2009!

Things are going well. We've been back in Cleveland for a year now and I'm still working at Tri-C. We're spending a couple days in Miami and then cruising to the Bahamas in a few weeks. Life is not the same as in Arkansas but it is ok.

Here's to an excellent New Year for everyone.
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working [13 May 2008|10:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Another good day at work. I have not really had a bad one yet and I'm about 3 months in so that's good.

Since moving we have seen "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", "Prom Night" and "Baby Mama" at the theatre. I liked them all but can you tell that I always let my kid pick the flicks? I turned off the netflix account because we just had not used it since we arrived in Cleveland. We walk to Severance every Friday night and see something. I was pretty mad last Friday because we got a smaller popcorn than usual and the container leaked and butter got on my new shirt. Ack! I hate that.

Bedtime. I try to get to sleep before 11 these days and get up by 6. I seem to need more sleep than I did in AR. Completely different lifestyle. I have not been to the gym since January so I need to start doing that. There is one at my job and I don't have to pay so maybe I'll take advantage of that starting next week. We have been walking every night, thought, anywhere from 2 to 8 miles depending on how much time we have, weather, etc.

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cavs [12 May 2008|11:22pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

The Cavs are doing great... the Indians were just OK tonight...

We moved back to Cleveland in January.

I am working at Tri-C Corporate College. They said the job market here was tough but I had 2 interviews my first week here and got both jobs. I worked one, for an autism awareness/education organization, for 2 weeks then this corp. college thing made me an offer and the benefits and pay were way better.

I'm still working on my doctorate via distance leanring with Univeristy of Arkansas so that's nice that I can keep doing that. We're living in South Euclid. Doug is still keeping his business going and also working at the Cajun Grill which is really fun for him. My mom is living with us and she's doing really well. She's 70 now. whew.

Mik did not come with us initially but changed her mind REALLY quick and flew up during my 2nd week at CCC. She's homeschooling so basically she's taking it easy which is fine with me. The dogs love it here and so do we. The cats, formerly hunters of the highest degree, will not go outside. It's really weird!

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B-ball 2007 [12 Nov 2007|12:00am]
Tomorrow is the first game of the season for Mikkayla. 9th grade team, which they call Jr. High Team here. That's weird to me because Jr. High where I come from is 7th and 8th grade. Well whatever. Next year she'll be varsity.

She is in PT for her shoulder. We thought she owuld be out the season for shoulder or rotator cuff surgery but it will just be PT. Also they discovered she has 27% spine curvature so she'll need ot be fitted with some scoliosis-correcting device.

But tomorrow- first game of the season- and she's the starting point guard- and it's an away game at Gr. Forest- and YEAH I'm about to come unglued with excitement.

I finished my later years sexual identity paper and submitted it today. whew. Just a couple more htings to do then a few weeks off. For good behavior or whatever.

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friends [07 Nov 2007|09:56pm]
School is ok here--- plugging along. I have a team project and my teammates are a middle-eastern woman, who barely speaks English and a lady from Hot Springs who is nice and is very smart but never had a research class or maybe it's just been a long time... it's rough going but I'm learning a lot and, surprisingly, I have a lot of patience and I enjoy teaching them what I know.

My diversity project is titled "Sexual Identity, Gender Development and the Later Years". I can't wait to finish it and show it here. I am just starting my lit review in the other class.

My friend, Jerry, was sick recently and scared the bejeebies out of me. They still son't know what was wrong. Doctors freak me out. Aren't they supposed to dagnose stuff?

His boyfriend, Mike... must be so upset. He crashed his car. I'm glad the timing was right and he only crunched the car and not his head! owie. The other car was damaged really bad. I wish things would always be happy for these two. Or at least most of the time. They deserve a big break. Really good people.
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virtual cruising [24 Oct 2007|11:50pm]
I'm working on a virtual cruise. I'm using the dimension x gaming engine and Sun Netbeans.

Iy has a working pier, entrance to ship, purser's desk where you can select a room key but it needs work... The last rooms I have worked on to North, West and East of the stairway right now are the pool chat (which works), the excursion desk (no excursions yet) and stairway to explore the ship (that will "some day" branch off to public rooms, etc) I'll post a link soon.

Eventually I hope to use this platform to create something I have in mind for my dissertation. So this is all practice for that.
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September [26 Sep 2007|12:50pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Wow- September is going by fast!

I am deep into this semester and almost have my first paper written. It's a personal development project for Adult Learner- Later Years and it's a book review about transpersonal states. I'll post it here after it gets reveiwed by the instructor.

My journal writing paper is published on the Education Resources site at ed.gov now.

On to more important matters- Dick won BB8 so that was great. I likes watching Daniele get whipped like that and by her own dad, it was priceless.

I watched to season premier of the Bachelor (why, I dunno!) It was as dumb as ever. I have been recording Beauty and the Geek and ANTM for my daughter but we haven't been doing much tv on the weekend. She's doing great in volleyball, they won at home Monday and at Prairie Grove last night. They play Gravette at home Thursday and I'm going to that. She's such an awesome player. Even better than b-ball.

She has to build a boat for science class and it's kicking her butt trying to follow the specs and get all the points. 10 points for 12" length, 10 pts. for 6" width, 10 points if it holds 10 lbs. Well, we can do the length and width but it sinks above 3 or 4 lbs. so she'll get partial points for that part. It cannot be made out of plastic. She got a few points for naming it (The Sinker lol) and the class will vote on each one for creativity points. She'll do ok.

Oh- she's also on student council this year. Busy, busy!

Watched some movies recently:

Kiss Me Guido 4 stars
May 5 stars
Jackson Pollock 4 stars
This Boy's Life 3 stars
Black Snake Moan 5 stars
Hustle and Flow 5 stars
Small Town Gay Bar 4 stars

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The final 3 [12 Sep 2007|08:30pm]
[ mood | content ]

Danielle, Dick and Zach. I will just hate it if Zach doesn't make it to the finals. If he can win HOH and take Dick with him, that will be great.

I actually scratched two of the assignemnts for this semester off the list today- social bookmarking task and emotional intelligence activity in the MI class. Hurray! I am about 50 pages from finishing the book for the first review in the LY class. Progress!

Not much going on. Went to the gym yesterday and worked out hard. My arms and legs are killing me. The change in weather is awesome. Highs of 72 and night lows in the high 50's. NICE!

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Double eviction [07 Sep 2007|08:42pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I tivo'd Big Brother last night and they finally had a Fast Forward episode where a whole week was played out "live" in one hour. Double eviction night! Jessica went home, leaving Jameka. Then Dick won HOH, put up Jameka and Eric, and Eric went home. I don't even remember who won POV--- Danielle? NO it was ZACH. He did not use the veto power.

It was such a fast hour. Anyway, the final 4 are Dick, Danielle, Jameka and Zach. Interesting. Doug picked Dick to win on the first night so that would be cool but I don't think anyone in the jury house would ever vote for him.

I'm reading Creativity, Spirituality, and Transcendence: Paths to Integrity and Wisdom in the Mature Self. I need to review it. Also I am reading another book about emotional intelligence, this makes the second one, and it's really good, too. But so much reading is killing me. I will have to stop wearing my contacts to bed and maybe wear glasses for 1/2 the day. My eyes are feeling pretty strained.

Almost time to shut this light off and go home. I came in late, like almost 3:00 and I need to leave by 10 so I can walk my dogs. And hang out at home and sip some crown. We bought a 3 liter bottle on the ship and it was duty free, which is really nice, but also a size that they don't sell in the U.S. so that makes it extra special. Mikkayla collects the bottles and the largest one she has until this one is a 750 ml. She is going to freak out when she sees the size of this thing!

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Home again [06 Sep 2007|10:09pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

What a fun trip. The 2 days in New Orleans were fantastic. We ate at Coop's and also at Mulate's. YUM! I had dark dry cider and sausage and rabbit jambalaya at Coop's and then diet coke and red beans & rice at Mulate's. The guys mostly had crawfish and stuff like that. We had the pool and hot tub to ourselves on the roof of the Hilton in the garden district. The lady who bought Mikkayla's clarinet on ebay picked it up the first day so that saved me shipping costs which was nice. We also ate at a TexMex place called Lucy's for Retired Surfers or something close to that. It was delicious. We spent some time in the French Quarter but it rained so we went awning jumping back up the road to the hotel and never made it to Bourbon street. Definitely next time.

We went to Harrah's and won $77 on slots that we took to the ship casino and then won over $200 like four times. We just kept winning. We definitely came home with more than we started out with in cash. That was really nice. The casino bar and the piano bar were fun. Karaoke- we watched for like 10 minutes in the Forum and it sucked. Both comedians were funny and Mr. Magic was there and he was great. Percy Crews we had seen on the New York to Halifax cruise but he was still funny. His mother died the week before and that was a really sad thing he mentioned.

This was the 7th cruise for us and we decided not to do the dining room- just all casual eating venues this time. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the cruise even more. It turns out I hate being told when and where to eat even when the food is great. We worked out in the gym twice onboard, used the sauna and steam room daily, never used the elevator and each weighed about the same when we got home. We ate constantly. The deli was awesome. Fruit and cereal and yogurt for breakfast except one day we had bacon and pancakes. I loved the desserts but Chris said they sucked. He likes realy decadent, rich stuff and I like light, fluffy stuff which is what they mostly had. Doug stuck with frozen yogurt mostly. I indulged in bread at every dinner. We sometimes had 2 lunches and 2 dinners.

We drank a few drinks most nights on the ship. The bartender knew Chris and Doug's names and folio numbers and all of our favorite drinks. Me and Doug stuck with the usual Crown Royal straight up with coke and diet coke chasers and Chris had lots of that plus Jim Beam is his new best friend. $1.25 cheaper for each double, he said. At the rate he was going, probably a good idea. Our onboard charges were not too bad. Carnival gave me a $50 credit and never did apply the credit to the other 2 accounts like they should have. Oh, well. I think we all stayed well under our spending limits.

Really, REALLY a great trip... now no more cruises until next summer... unless a super great deal is emailed to me.

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Big Brother 8 results [24 Aug 2007|09:20pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Dangit- Jen was voted out and Jameka is still there. Jameka is BORING. Dangit.

I spoke with one of my professors today, the one who suggested I submit the disadvantaged adults paper, and she is adding a section to the paper about implications for HRD and then we'll submit jointly. Hurray! So I sent her what I had and quickly unsubmitted and she'll resubmit when her part is done. This will be great. I'll post the finished product here when I get back from our trip.

On my list, also, is to get the roof fixed when we return. Well, a little too late maybe. I would have done it by now except we had plans to rebuild a new house entirely, but those plans were recently scrapped in favor of repairing what we have now. So, anyway, tonight I was reading and took a break to go work on the hem for the dress I made for Lakkyn. When I got back, apparently it had rained HARD for 10 minutes or more and my text book was open RIGHT where the leak is so... I spent the next 30 minutes blowdrying chapters 9 and 10. Nice. This after a month long drought that had us under a county-wide burn ban. Gah!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I had set the iron down in the kitchen right by a loaf of bread and plastic melted onto the iron face. Screw it- I'm throwing that iron out and I'll get a new one when I get back. No way am I peeling that crap off the iron. Anyway, it's been a weird evening like that.

Mikkayla is only coming tomorrow long enough to get some money. She's spending the night with a friend and going to Celebration City on Sunday. The teen years will be rough for me. I don't think she will want to spend as much time with me anymore. Incidentally, I'll get my Ed.D. the same month that she graduates from high school.

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More papers [23 Aug 2007|08:43pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Here is my paper "Learning Motivation Level Differences Between Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers and Differences Related to Gender".

I decided to post this because it was a lot more work than the lit. review I posted earlier, although not as good, I think. Both topics interest me. I may rewrite this one some day for publication as well.

Both papers are formatted APA, not formatted for submission for publication.

We worked out for an hour then came home and I hauled trash down, walked the pups and made a salad while Doug grilled ribeyes and veggies outside. Almost 100 degrees again. I'm tired of this!

Big Brother is on later, like almost 1 a.m., because of the football game- poop! I'll wait up. I hope Jameka goes home.

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Thursday again [23 Aug 2007|04:38pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

The weeks are going by too fast. The months, too. Monday we leave for NOLA to meet Chris and have 2 days there then board the Fantasy (my 3rd time on the ship) to Cozumel. We took him to Nova Scotia on the Victory last year and this time he wanted a warm-weather vacation. So, 2 nights in New Orleans then 4 nights on board the ship. This is our 7th cruise and we decided that just this once we are not doing the dining room thing for dinner. Maybe a couple lunches but other than that, completely casual. Yay! Less to pack. I'm all about packing light.

I've been reading for my classes and have another fourteen books coming by the time I get back. I love the vendors at amazon.com. I saved almost $1000 on these books. This semester I have to concentrate on Multiple Intelligences and write a few papers about older adult development. I am thinking of choosing sexual preference or women as my focus... I have it narrowed down to those two areas based on my interests.

I submitted my paper, "Journal Writing for Improved Learning and Classroom Relationships in Public Schools: Applications for Disadvantaged Adults" today. Maybe I'll present at the conference in February. That would rock. Anyway, there is the link for anyone interested.

Oops- time to hit the gym!

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netflix [20 Aug 2007|09:16pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Here are our most recent netflix returns and how we rated them:

I especially recommend Dogville, Chrystal and Gummo. Watching tonight- Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Coming tomorrow- Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (lol) and later this week Small Town Gay Bar.

Soylent Green 4.0 Stars

Chrystal 5.0 Stars

Strangers with Candy 2.0 Stars

Dogville 5.0 Stars

Eragon 5.0 Stars

Roots: (7-Disc Series) 5.0 Stars

Syriana 3.0 Stars

Desperate Housewives: Season 1: Disc 1 (6-Disc Series) 5.0 Stars (mever saw this on tv- not bad!)

Steal This Movie! 4.0 Stars

Thumbsucker 4.0 Stars

Blue Velvet 5.0 Stars

Lost Highway 4.0 Stars

Gummo 5.0 Stars

Paris, Texas 5.0 Stars

Mulholland Drive 4.0 Stars

The Straight Story 5.0 Stars

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